Large Canvas Art Using a Shower Curtain


Large-scale wall art can be SO expensive! Years ago we figured out a trick — shower curtains can also double as oversized wall art! Shower curtains come in a TON of colors and varieties. Now you can scale up your art at a fraction of the price by building a simple frame and stapling it to the back!

How to Make Large-Scale Art Using a Shower Curtain

Watch my video below sharing how to make your own large-scale wall art….using a shower curtain

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In our previous house, we used this same curtain to make a larger version.

70″ x 70″ full size

I took it off the frame since it was so massive and I didn’t want it to get damaged in the moving truck. So we downsized it a bit in our new home to better fit our space. This may end up going to college with my son, too.

Cut down to fit our space, 39″ x 64″

At the time I bought this shower curtain we had a British rock vibe going on in our basement. I found the perfect image that complemented the look that we were going for. Now we are letting our kids fight over it ;-)

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Carry on!

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  1. You don’t say in your directions or I missed them somehow how you attached the curtain to the frame. With a staple gun?

    1. Yes with a brad nailer / staple gun.

  2. Jan Conklin says:

    I think this is absolutely genius !!!