Pergo Flooring: Office Reveal!


We’ve finally reached the end of our Pergo project! Last but not least, presenting our Pergo flooring office reveal…

If you remember, our entire project began back in September with this very room. I’ve been popping in with a few before and after shots of each room as they were completed. To see all of our Pergo room reveals, click here.

Office, before…
Ripping Up Carpet Office Partially Done by

It all started when Buddy-the-dog “made his mark” one last time…the rest is history.

Pergo Flooring Office Reveal


Pergo Flooring Office Reveal


The flooring we chose is from Pergo’s new Outlast+ line, and the color is Molasses Maple.

I realize that my decorating is very sparse at the moment. To be honest, I’m enjoying the minimalism and I find myself questioning whether I even need some of the decor I used before…it certainly is a fresh start. The new Molasses Maple color works so much better in our home.

Below is the view from the office towards the back of the house. You probably recall seeing this shot during my kitchen reveal.


Another benefit…the house feels so much cleaner!


If you’re new here, ripped and replaced our entire first floor carpet (and old flooring) with brand new Pergo Outlast+.  This DIY has totally transformed our home.

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Be sure to learn more about Pergo’s new Outlast+ line on their social media channels:

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I received Pergo Outlast+ laminate flooring and accessories for my home free of charge to facilitate my review.

Pergo Flooring Office Reveal 2

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  1. Love the flooring in your home. I am wondering about them showing dirt though. We had dark floors in our previous house and I had to sweep several times a day because they showed everything. Is this an issue with the color you have?

  2. Karin Briggs says:

    I’m considering getting this flooring and am concerned that it will match our existing furniture. My office has dark cherry wood furniture, and we have dark brown leather furniture in our family and living rooms. I’m confused on how to match wood furniture to this wood flooring. Any advise you can provide would be helpful! Thank you – I love how your home turned out! Karin