Designer Night Stand Knock Off Before and After

DIY Designer Inspired Nightstands (for $350 LESS!)

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A designer inspired knock-off is one of my favorite decorating projects on a budget, why pay full price if you can make it yourself? I found these pretty nightstands on but the price tag was $446 each. So I kept checking Facebook Marketplace for a less expensive, do-it-yourself repurposing project. (See all of my furniture projects here).

Last fall I happened to spot two night stands in my friend, Kelly’s garage during a visit. She was as excited to part with them as I was to have them, so I took them off of her hands at a very reasonable price. A good cleaning and sanding and these would be perfect.

I probably should have sanded the drawer facings a bit more but the rough points add to the character. ;-) I did clean them thoroughly, sanded down most of it, then filled the low points with spackle, and started to paint.

I use Heirloom Traditions paint in Iron Gate (black). I’ve used this paint on my doors, too. It’s chalk paint, and requires no primer (my paint guide is coming out soon!)

I love this paint since it bonds on most surfaces, no primer and no top coat are needed. It has a very nice finish and is less chalky like other chalk paints can be.

Knock Off Nightstand No Primer Needed
Two coats Iron Gate Paint by Heirloom Traditions
Very low sheen once dry

I changed my mind about the hardware placement after I painted them which caused me to do things a bit out of order. So that meant repositioning the holes and filling the old ones with dowel rods and spackle. It took several swipes to get the holes completely level. Each time I sanded and eventually repainted the drawer facings once dry.

New hardware placement seemed to work well, and we added smoked glass tops for $45 each. While no one in my family understood my vision I think they understand it now.

Wayfair Price for 2x Nightstands = $892

Our Version = $200 total

Imperfect, but perfect for us.

Looks good against our new master bedroom feature wall.

Master Bedroom Wall Color Update

We have a ways to go in this room which is on hold until we can hire painters to finish the side walls. For now that means I’ll just do small projects using what resources we have.

My new paint guide is coming out soon! Hope it helps you with any projects you might be taking on during the stay-at-home order. Hang in there, everyone!

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  1. Linda C Johnston says:

    These night chests are amazing! Great job. Question: I am unfamiliar with this brand of paint. In the photos, I cannot see any brush strokes. Is it REALLY this smooth when finished???????

  2. Teddee Grace says:

    These turned out beautifully!

  3. These look so beautiful, Jeannette! It’s amazing you found two matching ones, bc the size looks more unusua, so I’d only expect to find one. I love what you did with these…the color, the knobs…just gorgeous! And, it’s nice to see another project done with HT paints…rethinking using this for our kitchen cabinets.

  4. JoAnn Robinson says:

    What a beautiful job you did and it goes so well with your PERFECT bedroom re-do! Can’t wait to see the finished project. Your tip about using a dowel to fill the holes, where the old drawer pulls once were.=, was brilliant. Now why didn’t I think of that!!

  5. elizabeth says:

    Love what you did here! Beautiful!

  6. Great job on your nightstands!!! You accessorize them beautifully too. I look forward to seeing more of your home upgrades in the future. Also, thank you for sharing your talents/skills with us.

  7. Simply beautiful and love your visions

  8. they are actually more prettier than the one from wayfair…. I need to find some for my bedroom plus dresser too… but I have hard time to choose what kind of style to go for

    1. Katarina, Thank you! I check Facebook Marketplace every few days when I’m searching for something. I’ll save posts of similar items I’m looking for (like nightstands). Eventually FB starts showing me more varieties of nightstands in my feed. I’m sure once you see a set, you’ll know whether they work for your style or not :)