Two Story Foyer Upgrade: Add Faux Frieze Molding
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Two Story Foyer Upgrade: Add Faux Frieze Molding

“…I tend to get ‘stuck’ on a vision and won’t let go.”

Today is the day!!

Today my cousin (who is my contractor) came in to create one of my other visions that I’ve been dreaming of for seven years – a large “fake” crown molding piece in my two story foyer.   When I say fake, I mean that the wall is painted white between layers of trim and crown, giving the appearance of a large, single crown unit.

Mind you, when I have a vision…I tend to get “stuck” on that vision.  

Well, when I came back with supplies from Lowes, Jarrod intercepted the project and said he thinks the real floating crown pieces look much better.  What do you think? 

Foyer crown molding. At the last minute, I decided to forego painting the white between trim pieces. Image